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{Book Review} Ransom Canyon (Ransom Canyon #1) by Jodi Thomas

24612993 Title: Ransom Canyon
Author: Jodie Thomas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: HQN Books
Publication Date: August 25th, 2015
Pages: 368
Stand alone or series: Series
How did I get this book: Review Copy
Format: e-Book
What made me want to read it: I’ve never read a Jodi Thomas book and thought her new series was a great way to start.
Rancher Staten Kirkland, the last descendent of Ransom Canyon’s founding father, is rugged and practical to the last. No one knows that when his troubling memories threaten to overwhelm him, he runs to lovely, reclusive Quinn O’Grady… or that she has her own secret that no one living knows.

Young Lucas Reyes has his eye on the prize—college, and the chance to become something more than a ranch hand’s son. But one night, one wrong decision, will set his life on a course even he hadn’t imagined.

Yancy Grey is running hard from his troubled past. He doesn’t plan to stick around Ransom Canyon, just long enough to learn the town’s weaknesses and how to use them for personal gain. Only Yancy, a common criminal since he was old enough to reach a car’s pedals, isn’t prepared for what he encounters.

In this dramatic new series, the lives, loves and ambitions of four families will converge, set against a landscape that can be as unforgiving as it is beautiful, where passion, property and pride are worth fighting—and even dying—for.

Ransom Canyon is a beautifully written, dramatic and intriguing read. I have heard many great things from other romance readers about Jodi Thomas. I personally have never read any of her books before, so when given the opportunity to read the first book in her new series I decided to jump on it.

Ransom Canyon is a sleepy little town in the remote Texas landscape. A place where everyone knows everyone one, and where people are so trusting they never lock their doors. The people are engaging, especially the senior citizens. They were completely adorable and hilarious.

The story follows multiple couples on their journey to true love. I admit I struggled a bit connecting with the couples due to the multiple romantic story lines since I’m used to one couple per book. Maybe I just need to get used it, I’m not sure. I am definitely willing to give it another go though because I found other parts of the story very compelling.

Thomas brilliantly captured small town life in the world she created in Ransom Canyon. The setting was so vivid in my mind while reading, and long after I put down the book. As a reader I could definitely sense the overall love for the land that the people of Ransom Canyon shared, as well as the struggles to survive in it. One of my favorite spots captured in the book was the Gypsy House, it really felt like a secondary character in the book because of the way it seemed to draw people to it. There is some background given about the home, not a lot though so I hope we get more information about the tragedy that took place to turn it into a haunted house.

Leo and the gang of retirees completely stole the show in this book for me. Their inquisitive nature was a great diversion from the drama and suspense going on with the main characters in the book. Maybe it’s just me but every time Mrs. Kirkland, Staten’s grandma, popped up I kept picturing her as Betty White. I loved her character. She’s feisty, outspoken, and hilarious.

Overall, Ransom Canyon was a good start to Jodi Thomas’ new series. A good mix of romance, adventure, suspense, and humor that creates a solid “feel good” read. Some of my favorite things about this book was the setting, especially the old Gypsy House, and the secondary characters. Although, I did struggle connecting with the multiple couples I am looking forward to the next book. I think I just need to get used to this style, because I loved the rest of the book. If you are looking for a romance with cowboys, small-town setting, adventure, humor, or suspense then I recommend this book. If you enjoy a quick “feel good” read then I recommend this book too.

Notable quotes/parts:

“He felt as if he and Quinn were the leftovers, for the best of them had both died with Amalah.”

“Lucas never felt lighthearted, he had too many plans, too much to do, too much responsibility on his shoulders as the oldest child. But at this moment, with Lauren at his side, he was Peter Pan and she was his Wendy.”

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

**An ARC was provided by HQN Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


1 thought on “{Book Review} Ransom Canyon (Ransom Canyon #1) by Jodi Thomas”

  1. Enjoyed your review, Andie! I’ve never read anything by Jodi Thomas. I don’t usually gravitate toward anything with a cowboy/western theme, but this sounds like a good read. Interesting that it covers multiple couples instead of focusing on just one.


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