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October Wrap-Up / November TBR

Hey there book nerds! So I’m a bit late getting this post up, sorry about that. October was an insanely busy month for me. Work was pretty hectic and then I ran into some technical issues here on the blog. It did not make for a fun October that’s for sure. I did get some reading done while I was offline. Not as much as i would liked to, but I think that was mainly because by the time I got home I just wanted to be lazy and watch Netflix.

Hopefully you all had a better reading month than I did. I’m going to try and catch up with some reading, but I’m not sure if I’ll do better in November since I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. Is anyone else out there participating? Are you as stressed out about your word count as I am? Man I’m so behind it’s not even funny. I’m going to try and get some more writing done this weekend. I might, that’s a big might, post my story on Wattpad once I’m done editing it. I’m not sure yet. Let me know if that’s something you’d like me to do. Anyway onto my October Wrap Up.



My current Netflix obsession this month is Heroes. I never watched it while it was on air and when i saw the spin-off was on TV this year I decided to go back and watch the beginning. I’m totally hooked. Have you seen it? What show are you hooked on lately?

october reads

I read a few books in October. I started a couple of really interesting series, one of them was the Lux series. Yes, I finally picked it up! I’m totally hooked on Daemon btw. Another great series I started was the Menagerie series by Rachel Vincent. Wow, the first book is amazeballs! I could not put it down. I would go back and read it again, but I decided to pass it on to a friend so she could read it. It is not a romance, so please don’t go into it thinking it is. It is a great urban fantasy that is beautifully written and such a fun read. You can find my review for it here.


I am participating in NaNoWriMo so I’m not sure how much reading I’ll be able to get in this month. Here are the books I’m hoping to be able to get through for November. Key word is “hoping!”


I got a copy of The Grownup by Gillian Flynn from Crown Publishing via Blogging for Books. I already read it and will be posting my review for it soon. All I’ll say now is this short story is seriously twisted in a way only Gillian Flynn can do.


I must continue the Lux series! It’s not a want at this point but a need. I NEED to know what happens!


I got Licked by Brooke Blaine for review from Rock Star PR. I’ll be posting my review during the book tour. This looks like a very fun read so I’m looking forward to it.

dare to seduce

Also got this one for review during a book tour for Rock Star PR. I’m super excited for this one because I absolutely love Carly Phillips! Her romances are always so fun to read.


I didn’t get a chance to read this one in October like I wanted to, so I really want to get to it this month. It looks like it will be an emotional read and I do love me some FEELS so bring it on.

That’s all I’m planning on for the moment.  I know it’s only four books, but I don’t want to commit to more than that and fail because I was busy with NaNoWriMo. If I get to read more than awesome for me. I’ll be sure to let you know in my November Wrap Up post.

What are you all reading this month? Got an author or book or TV show (preferably on Netflix) you think I should try? Post it in the comments! I’m totally up for suggestions, especially during this time of year.

Happy Reading!





**For regular updates on what I’m reading you can hit me up on twitter my handle is @azprettygrl or friend me on Goodreads here.

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