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{Book Review} Give it Up (Dean Brothers & Friend #1-3) by Lori Foster

My Thoughts:

Just in time for the holidays, Lori Foster treats us to a great collection of short stories to cozy up with this winter. This trio of novellas have been previously released in seperate anthologies, but this is the first time they have been bundled together for us. Booker and Axel Dean along with their friend Cary Rupert are completely swoon worthy. Each novella features a different couple’s romantic story and showcases the bond of the brotherhood the three men share.

Booker Dean has his sights set on his neighbor Frances. He recently got out of a dead-end relationship and he’s ready to make his move. Frances has secretly been in love with Booker as well, but is wary of becoming a rebound and losing his friendship. Booker is absolutely sure Frances is the one for him. He is very careful and patient in his pursuit of Frances. I really enjoyed the easy banter between the two. It is very apparent from the beginning, there is history and a strong foundation of friendship between Booker and Frances. Although, the plot progresses fairly quickly since this is a short story, it is not an insta-love.

Cary Rupert is completely taken with Axel’s nurse, Nora. Nora does her best to resist Cary’s attempts at flirtations because she wants more than just being another one of his conquests. Cary is determined to show Nora she’s different from the rest, and that he wants forever with her too. This little morsel of romance is packed with emotional conflict, and the hope for a chance of a new beginning.

Axel Dean is a complete manwhore, sorry there is just no other way of putting it. I honestly was fairly skeptical of him changing his ways when I started reading his story. Then the fiesty whirlwind that is Libby breezed into his life and turned his whole world upside down. Libby is young, much younger than Axel. I absolutely loved her. She keeps Axel on his toes, and brings out a softer and caring side to him. Their story was definitely my favorite to read.

Overall, Give it Up by Lori Foster is a fun and entertaining afternoon read. The three novellas are filled with humor, romance, sexual chemistry, and friendship. I really enjoyed it. Booker, Axel, and Cary are definitely book boyfriend worthy. I would recommend this to fans of contemporary romance, and anyone that is looking for a quick read to escape into for a bit.


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