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{Book Review} Texas Thunder (Rebel Moonshine #1) by Kimberly Raye

My Thoughts:

Texas Thunder by Kimberly Raye, set in the heart of Texas, is steeped in family rivalry and mystery. The Tuckers and the Sawyers have been at odds for decades. Callie Tucker and Brett Sawyer have a bit of a tumultous past. These two stubborn individuals have to move forward from the past and work together in an attempt save both their families from financial ruin. The question is, can Callie bring herself to trust Brett again?

Brett is a man that knows what he wants, and despite himself he wants Callie Tucker. He completely screwed things up in the past, and he has to overcome Callie’s resentment and lack of trust. Callie is determined to keep Brett at arm’s length, but due to the circumstances she finds herself having to work with him in close quarters. The chemistry between them is electric, and undeniable. The couple goes back and forth on whether they should act on it, leaving the reader within the grips of anticipation. Will they get together or not?

Raye creates a small town atmosphere filled with mystery, rivalry, and the love of moonshine. Her character’s are engaging and memorable, even the smaller characters like Brett’s grandfather just come to life off the page.

Overall, Texas Thunder is an engaging read filled with emotional conflict, mystery, and vibrant characters. I really liked the small-town feel of the book. Raye does a wonderful job of setting up the back story and immediately drawing the reader into the plot. I would recommend this modern day Romeo and Juliet romance to anyone that enjoys a love story filled angst and suspense. Oh and cowboys, really hot cowboys. I mean, look that cover!



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