Book Review

{Book Review} Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers #1) by Brenda Drake

My Thoughts:

Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake is a story filled with magic, libraries, and memorable characters. I absolutely loved it! It has everything I could want in a first book to a series. Suspense, detailed world building, and all sorts of plot twists.

Let’s talk characters. Gia Kearns is so easy to connect with, she’s smart, loves to read, and stubborn. I love that despite how scared she is at times, she doesn’t back down from any challenges she faces along the way. Her loyalty and love for her family is endearing. She’s not perfect, though, which makes me like her even more. She’s awkward, clumsy, and has a bad habit of correcting people. She’s incredibly brave and a bit willful which gets her into some sticky situations. Arik is brave, honorable, and a protector. He is immediately drawn to Gia and has a strong need to protect her from his world. Then you have Bastien who is also very cute, brave, has a strong sense of duty, and very arrogant. Both are definitely book boyfriend material.

I fell in love with the world created in this book. It’s like a combo of present day world mixed with this alternate realm. I’m probably doing a terrible job at describing it. So sorry. The way Drake unfolds the setting though, it’s just amazing! Her world building is so complex and well developed.  I could picture it so clearly. The sights, the sounds, the taste of the food. It’s so very vivid in my mind even now, and I finished the book a few days ago.

Overall, Thief of Lies was a fantastic start to a new series. I loved all the plot twists, and detail in the world building.  Drake’s writing is spectacular and I can’t wait to see what will come next for Arik and Gia. Fans of the Mortal Instruments, and The Girl at Midnight series will love this book. I know I did!


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