Book Review

{Mini Book Review} The Prince’s Cinderella Bride by Christine Rimmer

My Thoughts:

The Prince’s Cinderella Bride is a wonderful addition to Christine Rimmers Bravo Royales series. This book revolves around Max,  the Prince of Montedoro, and Yolanda ‘Lani’ Vasquez, the nanny. A modern day fairytale, this romance is an emotional journey filled with angst and drama. Not only does the couple need to overcome their past to obtain their HEA, they also have to deal with the intrusion of the paparazzi.

Overall, I had a lot of fun reading this fast paced romance. Yes, it has some angst to it. Many of the issues that the couple have could be solved by simply communicating with each other. I loved this modern day Cinderella story. Max and Lani’s love story is filled with emotion and undeniable chemistry. If you enjoy romantic heroes of the royal variety, you should give Max a try.


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