Book Review

{Book Review} The Beautiful and the Cursed (The Dispossessed #1) by Page Morgan

My Thoughts:

The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan is a unique spin on young adult paranormal historical fiction. It has demons, gargoyles, angels, violent action, suspense and mystery. This romantic gothic tale is set in Paris during the 1890s. Beautifully written this dark and fast moving plot is immersed in danger and intrigue. Morgan’s characters are well-developed and seem to come to life right from the page, especially the gargoyles.

Ingrid and Gabby are both independent and fearless young women. I did find Gabby a bit more interesting, out of the two. She’s kind of rebellious and I really like that about her. Luc, the gargoyle that is appointed as guardian to the girls’ abbey, is very protective of his charges. He has this instant obsession with Ingrid that I found a bit weird. I mean, he’s a gargoyle, that’s just odd for a romantic interest. Definitely unique, but a bit weird for me.

Let’s talk plot. This story had a lot going on, but Morgan did an amazing job of tying it all together. I thought the pacing was steady and the twists in the plot kept me going to the end. I loved that it’s set in 1890s Paris, and in an alternate reality. The overall mood or tone of the book stayed consistently dark throughout the entire story. The mystery and suspense woven into the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not put this down.

Overall, I completely enjoyed reading this book. The unique plot line was a nice change from all those vampire/werewolf stories that dominated YA for a while. This gothic historical fiction has it all. Suspense, action, romance, and plot twists. So many plot twists! It’s definitely a page-turner. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes gothic fiction, young adult fantasty/paranormal fiction, and historical fiction. I mean, come on, it’s Paris in the 1890s. How cool is that?




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