Book Review

{Book Review} Taming Her Wolf (Fire Creek Shifters #1) by Dee Carney

My Thoughts:

Human, wolf, and beast? Taming Her Wolf by Dee Carney is the first book in her series the Fire Creek Shifters. Brick and Kim have instaneous chemistry. Also, the plot has quite a bit of action and suspense which makes for an easy and fast read.

Let’s talk story concept/plot. I thought Carney had an interesting take on the werewolf legend. Usually werewolves are portayed as having two souls, the wolf and the human. The human is the voice of reason and peace keeper. The wolf has the animal instinct and can come out whenever the human allows it. The beast is untamed and dangerous, but can only be released during the full moon. The romantic plot line is pretty standard for a shifter story. Shifter meets mate, and sets out to claim her.

Kim is a doctor from L.A. and she is not used to going without modern conviences that come with living in a big city. She finds herself in a small town after certain events occur and blemish her professional reputation. When tragedy strikes within the pack, Kim finds herself dragged into a world of danger and intrigue where werewolves really do exist. Brick and his wolf instantly recognize Kim as their mate. The beast within him puts her and others around him in danger. The chemistry between the two is sizzling. I like that although the attraction is instantaneous the love part is not immediate. Kim recognizes that Brick has a dark and dangerous side to him and that makes her wary of being involved.

Overall, Taming Her Wolf is a fast and fun paranormal romance. It is filled with action, and intrigue. Did I mention there are hot werewolves? What more could you want? The pacing was a bit slow at first, given the world building taking place. The plot really picked up at the halfway point of the story. The ending was left open, there are some unresolved issues that hopefully will get taken care of in the next book. I am hoping the next installment will center around Rowan. I’d recommend this one to anyone that enjoys a good shifter romance.



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