Book Review

{Book Review} Winter Wolf (New Dawn #1) by Rachel M. Raithby

My Thoughts:

Winter Wolf is the first book in Rachel Raithby’s New Dawn series. This modern day Romeo and Juliet story is well-written and a fun read, but the plot was lacking something for me. There isn’t really anything special to set this book apart from any of the other urban fantasy/paranormal romances out there. Katalina discovers she’s a werewolf after a terrible tragedy occurs on her 18th birthday and she finds herself taken by her birth father. Caught in the middle of a fued between two rival wolf packs, Katalina struggles with her new reality and the loss of her parents. The only good thing in her new life is her mate Bass, the son of the rival packs’ alpha.

Katalina and Bass have instant chemistry. Bass knows almost immediately that Katalina is his mate and does everything he can to protect her. I thought Bass was very sweet and attentive, but a little too perfect. Katalina spent the majority of the book trying to deny her new reality and being an angsty teenager. Katalina felt very one dimensional for me, and I could not connect with her. I really didn’t like her character at all.

The plot started out strong, opening with an action packed scene. It fell flat about midway through the story for me and then the ending felt rushed. I really liked the action packed fight scenes in the book, especially the opening scene. As violent as it was, it grabbed my attention and held it. It was suspenseful and heartwrenching. I wish the rest of the book matched it.

Winter Wolf was a fairly fast and short read. I think it was missing that extra something in both the main character and the plot to make it memorable. The opening scene was strong and breathtakingly filled with suspense. I really wish the rest of the book had lived up to it.





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