Book Review

{Book Review} Texas On My Mind by Delores Fossen

My Thoughts:

Texas On My Mind is a solid start to Delores Fossen’s Spring Hill series. In this first book we are introduced to McCord family that runs a cattle ranch in Spring Hill, Texas. Charming and handsome, the McCord brothers are the most eligible bachelors in Spring Hill, especially the wounded Air Force captain Riley McCord. Despite his history of playing the field Riley has been harboring feelings for one particular woman, Claire Davidson. Riley discovers that the feeling are mutual, but there’s a problem. Claire is the ex-girlfriend of one of Riley’s childhood friends so pursuing her would go against the man codes that he lives by.

I enjoyed Claire and Riley’s story. They have a chemistry that is undeniable. I did, however, find Claire as a character very frustrating. Her lack of a backbone and inability to make a decision regarding her love life was annoying to say the least. She seems to have a hard time going after what she wants and speaking up for herself. I found Riley’s character a bit more enjoyable. I don’t get the whole man code thing, but that aside his back story just got me. His struggles with PTSD and his physical injuries was just heart wrenching. It made me want to just give the poor guy a hug.

Let’s talk supporting characters. I know I usually talk plot line around this point in my reviews, but I just need to touch on the supporting characters for a moment. With the exception of Trisha, Daniel and Jodi,Β  I loved the characters in this book. The members of the McCord family are so close knit, I can’t wait to read more about this family. I’m hoping the series will cover more than just the guys though because the women in the family seem like a lively bunch as well. I can’t wait to read Ana’s story. I think that might be the next one since this book had a teaser from it.

The overall plot and pacing of the book was well thought out. Fossen’s writing reminded me of Sandra Brown’s earlier writing when she did series like the Tyler Family Saga. There was that small town feel with drama, fiery tempers, and smoldering chemistry. Did I mention the cowboys? This is a good start to Fossen’s series and if you enjoy a good contemporary romance with rugged Texan heroes then you should give it a try.

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