That’s What HE Said Thursday is a weekly book meme as hosted by Chapter Break. Every Thursday post a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine.  A piece of dialogue direct from a book and not a description of the male in question.

This week I’m going to share a quote from You Were Here by Cori McCarthy. This book is a contemporary YA novel and not a romance, but there is a love story woven into the plot.


“Meant Something? I had a crush on you when were kids, Jaycee. It’s not a crush anymore.” – Ryan to Jaycee.

Please leave me links to your That’s What He Said Thursday posts in the comments section.

Stay book nerdy and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “THAT’S WHAT HE SAID THURSDAYS 3/24/16”

  1. Great quote! The book I’m reading now isn’t really romantic, nor does it really feature many female characters, so finding #TWHST quotes is tough! Great find on your part…


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