Book Review

{Book Review} All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

My Thoughts:

All the Missing Girls is an intense psychological thriller that will blow your mind. I could not put it down. Megan Miranda’s writing is absolutely stunning and her ability to slowly unravel her plot will grab your attention until the very end. Told in reverse chronological order, All the Missing Girls starts with the mystery of two missing girls that disappeared a decade apart. After receiving a disturbing letter from her father, Nicolette “Nic” Farrell, is returning home ten years after the disappearance of her best friend Corinne Prescott. He claims to have seen “that girl” and Nic finds herself thrown back into the mystery of what happened to her friend. Things go sideways very quickly after her return and another girl goes missing. This time it’s Annaleise Carter, the girl that’s been asking questions about the unsolved case of Corinne Prescott’s disappearance. Now the authorities are questioning Nic’s father, brother, and ex-boyfriend about the missing girls. Everyone is a suspect. Everyone.

I was immediately drawn into the story. Miranda’s writing is brilliant. She gradually leaves clues throughout her story leading the reader in different directions. Just when you think you have it figured it out…BAM! Plot twist! Which will then leave you wondering what the hell just happened and make you want to keep reading even more. I’m usually pretty quick to figure out the mystery, but not in this case. This dark and twisted thriller had me guessing until the end, and even then I was completely wrong about who did what.

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda completely took me by surprise. I absolutely loved it and could not put it down. The writing is compelling and will draw you into the story immediately. Nic’s character is complex. I’m still not sure if I like her or not, but her narrative voice is strong and riveting. This book is definitely a must read. I highly recommend it. Megan Miranda is an incredibly talented writer. I can’t wait to read more of her work in the future.


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