A Day in the Life of a Book Blogger

{A Day in the Life of a Book Blogger} Silence on the Blog & the Creative Struggle

So if you visit my blog on a regular basis, you might have noticed I kind of disappeared for a bit. I didn’t put up any new content, or interact with anyone here on the blog. Anything that posted during the time I went MIA had already been pre-scheduled prior to my blogging slump.

I know it might not seem like it, since a lot of my content was lost about 5 months ago, but I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now. I started out on Blogger and after a year there I migrated over to my self-hosted Word Press blog. I love it, and all the customization I’m able to do on this platform. The downside though came around during one of the large updates that my host underwent, something in my WP got screwed up and well I lost my blog.

Years of content and hard work just went poof. I almost quit at that point because I was just so frustrated. I’m thinking that’s when the slump started. I stuck it out for a bit, but I was mainly doing memes and putting up the obligatory review post. It got to the point where just the idea of pulling up my blog would stress me out. I just felt so much pressure to do something that my heart just wasn’t into anymore. Which totally sucked! I love reading, blogging, and connecting with other readers.

It didn’t help that my creativity decided to just abandon me at that point. So there I was just sitting here stressing out about what to post and I finally decided that I wasn’t going to make myself do it anymore. I tossed my blogging schedule out the window…ok not literally, but you know what I mean. I knew if I continued to force myself to do something that I just wasn’t feeling, it would eventually come through in my posts. I didn’t want that to happen so I took a break and focused on other things.

I devoted my time to reading for pleasure instead of for the purpose of reviewing. I binged on TV shows on Netflix and picked up my first graphic novel (Jessica Jones Alias). I missed the book blogging world so much, but I was still not feeling a return of my creative side. I tried different platforms like a reading journal…yeah that lasted like one week. Then I started my BookTube channel. I began reconnecting with book lovers and slowly the urge to return to my blog rekindled again.

So am I back? I can’t say I’ll be posting on a daily basis, but yes I’m back. I’m going to commit to posting at least three times a week if I can. However, if I don’t manage that I’m also promising myself not to stress about it. Same goes for my BookTube channel. I’m committing to  posting twice a week there but if I get busy then, well life happens and all that.

There will be some changes on how I do my posts. I’m playing around with this until I find my creative style again. So for those you that have stuck it out, thank you. I’m so sorry I disappeared. I really think I just needed the break to be honest.

If you blog, how do you get out of a blogging slump? How do you deal with the pressure to post creative and unique content? Let’s chat about it below in the comments.



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