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{Book Chat} Books That Get All The Hype…


I always feel like the odd man out when I end up not liking a book that everyone loves. I think this is why I always hesitate to pick up a book that gets a lot of hype. I want to love all the books, but lets just be realistic. That’s not going to happen.

When I finally give in and read the hyped up book and I end up loving it I feel great. I then proceed to push the book on just about anyone I know, like I did with Illuminae for instance. Then I get all…


However, when I end up not loving a book everyone else does I end up feeling like maybe we read different books. It sucks, because then I end up feeling misled by all the raving reviews. It’s frustrating and CONFUSING AS HELL when this happens.


My thought process when I run into this usually goes like this: I wonder if I missed something while I was reading. Were all the raving reviews about said book truly honest? I can’t possibly be the only person that doesn’t like said book. WHAT DID I MISS?!!!!


It’s usually around this point that I get a bit slumpy and lose a bit of my reading momentum. I don’t want to pickup another book until I figure where I went wrong while reading the book in question. Sometimes, I even force myself to read it again. If I still don’t like it after that then I pretty much come to the conclusion that I didn’t get any of the punch that other people were drinking during their read. Which seems highly unfair, don’t you think?


It’s entirely possible that everyone that raved about the book totally loved it. I know this. However, I also think that all the personal attacks towards bloggers that post a review that says the book is less than stellar has a lot to do with this. I don’t get it personally. Reading is a personal experience. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about a book. When it’s such a polar opposite though, that’s when I’m like “Okay wait a minute here, something doesn’t feel right.” Who knows, maybe I’m the only one that thinks this way.


Let’s chat down in the comments and let me know what you think? If you are a blogger, do you hesitate to post reviews about books you do not enjoy? How do you feel about books that get all the hype?


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