Book Review

{Book Review} Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

My Thoughts:

Holy hotness this book! This story was everything I wanted for Mason and Katrina. I’m so glad this book did not suffer from the dreaded second book syndrome. Both Mason and Katrina have troubled pasts and have developed a strong friendship because of this. The two are best friends with this underlying sexual tension that Mason has managed to ignore, for the most part. Katrina has been in love with Mason since the day he saved her from a group of bullies when she was a teen. She has held on to the secret of her feelings for him for years out of fear of losing him altogether. However she’s had enough of standing on the sidelines while he goes from one woman to another. Things come to a head when everyone goes to Vegas. Katrina decides she is through waiting for Mason to realize what is in front of him and she lets her Coyote Ugly freak flag fly.
“It was so easy for Mason to take advantage of her always being around and at his beck and call. Hell, who was she kidding? She’d made it easy for him, and maybe it was time that she reevaluated her feelings for her best friend, and the fact that they weren’t reciprocated. Because there was one thing she knew for certain—unrequited love sucked big hairy balls.”
I loved Katrina. I was completely right in predicting that her backstory was going to be a difficult one. Despite all that she has endured she is strong, independent, and brave. I love that she is still open to happiness and love even though she is damaged, both physically and emotionally. I loved loved loved the combination of her fierceness and vulnerability. She is the perfect match for an alpha male like Mason. She brings out his loyal, caring, and at times gentle side.
“They were two damaged people who’d managed to heal each other with something as simple as unconditional love. The fact that they were best friends who had phenomenal sex was a bonus.”
The chemistry between Katrina and Mason is off the charts. They have known each other for years and have built up endless amounts of sexual tension between them. Sex isn’t the only thing that makes their relationship work though, they also share trust, respect and love. I do love me some friends to lover romances. Ah! The FEELS!
Dirty Sexy Inked was an emotionally intense and smoking hot romance. I loved Katrina and Mason! I’m so happy their story was everything I wanted for them and more. I’m looking forward to the next book which I believe will be Levi’s story. Hopefully I will enjoy it as much as this one.


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