Monthly TBR/Wrap-up

September Wrap – Up / October TBR

Monthly Wrap Up

Where did my September go? I feel like the month just zoomed past me. I had an insanely busy month at work. I did manage to get my reading in, which was fantastic. My posting kinda fell behind though, story of my life. haha!

October is here and that means it is time for the Blog Ahead challenge. I’m hoping it will kick my butt into gear. I’d love to be able to get to the point where I’m not blogging at the last minute all the time. I think if I can get myself blogging ahead it will free up more time for commenting. That is the goal anyway.

There may be a few changes around the blog in October. I’m not sure when, but I’m going to go through and update the overall layout and theme. It’s time for something new I think. I’m getting a bit bored looking at the one I have right now. I’m also going to bring back some of the old feature posts like Must Read Mondays, and a couple of other series that I never quite got around to kicking off. The creative juices are flowing in my brain! That could be good or bad, I don’t know yet. I guess we will see.

My September Obsession:

The show is only two episodes in but I am loving it so far. Plus Milo is back on my TV every week. I can’t even begin to express how happy this makes me.


Most Played Song:

What happened on the blog:
[wrap-up-posts notin="Reviews" month="9" year="2016"]

Books I Read:

October TBR:

In addition to taking part in Blog Ahead, I’m still participating in #HispanicHeritageReads and I’ll be participating in a couple of read-a-thons in October. I will be choosing my reads for the Fright Fall Read-a-thon and the Spook-a-thon from the books shown above.

Well that’s a wrap people. It’s your turn now. How’d your September go? Did you get to read all the books you planned on reading? Favorite/least favorite book of the month? Any special plans for October? Let’s chat down in the comments!

Stay book nerdy & happy reading!


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