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{Blogmas #5} November Obsessions & Wrap Up


Good-bye November! It was a crazy busy month for me. I went to Universal Studios in L.A. and visited Harry Potter world for my birthday. Then family came to stay with me over the holiday weekend. There were two Read-a-thons I participated in and oh man I had so much fun with them. November was a good month reading wise and I had a blast in L.A. I admit it was difficult to keep my mind off of the results of the election, but dammit I wasn’t going to let it ruin my birthday. I had been working on my plans for that weekend all year and I was not about to let all those plans go to waste. So I ignored social media as much as I could and refused to look at the news. It was the most fun and stress-free weekend I had in a long time. I wished I could have stayed longer. I definitely need to plan another trip in 2017, hmm…maybe San Francisco or New York. I don’t know yet. I’ll keep ya posted ๐Ÿ™‚


My November Obsession:

Finger less gloves! I bought a pair at my local used book store, Changing Hands. They keep my hands and wrists so nice and warm. Also, I have mentioned this on my channel but I don’t know if I have here, but I have a lot of joint pain in my hands and wrists. Keeping those joints warm helps keep my hands from getting stiff and the joints from swelling. Which means I can type! Woohoo for being able to type! So here is a picture of the gloves I bought…well one hand anyway. They are made by Simply Noelle. They are soft and warm and cozy. I can’t recommend them enough.


Blogs I Stalked:

I love visiting and reading other blogs. I donโ€™t often comment. I usually just like the post or share it on twitter if I feel the need to share it. I know, I know Iโ€™m working on the commenting. I really am, maybe you noticed me sneaking in a comment here and there. Iโ€™m really trying to show more love and support to the blogs I follow. I know how much work goes into this and how sometimes it feels like youโ€™re just chatting at yourself when no one responds. These blogs are the ones I visited the most this month:

Reading Experiences with Nora

TFaulc Book Reviews

Krystol the Bookworm


Most Played Song:

[raw_html_snippet id=”dontwannaknowvid”]

What happened on the blog:
[wrap-up-posts notin="Reviews" month="11" year="2016"]

Books I Read:



I read a total of 10 books in November. My favorite was definitely The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. If you have not read it then I highly recommend it. It’s a beautifully written fantastical tale that stays with you well past the last page. I have to sit down and write that review because gah so many feelings about it. So damn thought provoking. I loved it!

Well that’s a wrap for November. Overall I think it was successful reading month. I’m hoping December will be as well. What about you? How’d your month go? Did you post a wrap up? Leave the linky below so I can check it out!

Stay book nerdy & happy reading!


2 thoughts on “{Blogmas #5} November Obsessions & Wrap Up”

  1. I did indeed notice your comments. Thank you for visiting and sharing your opinions with me! And I love Don’t Wanna Know by Maroon 5 too. I just can’t stop singing it both out loud and inside my head. I swear people must think I am crazy, walking in the town center and murmuring to myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. LOL Nora I sing to myself all the time too. I’m sure it drives my co-workers crazy. It’s how I get through my day. I figure if I can tolerate the constant talk about sports than they can deal with my singing quietly to myself.


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