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{Blogmas #15} 5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Book Nerds

People are always asking me what I want for the holidays. My answer is always books, a similar answer as other book nerds when asked the same question. There are many other cute things though that would make great Secret Santa gifts or stocking stuffers. Since people always seem stumped on what to get, I’d figure a little stocking stuffer/small gift guide will hopefully help you out when purchasing gifts for the book nerds in your life. I will do a separate post for gift ideas, for this one though I want to stick to smaller gifts or things that would fit in a stocking.

Sure you can fill their stockings with the regular stuff; candy, toothbrush, socks, gloves, small glosses and polishes, deck of cards like UNO, and a Starbucks Giftcard (going off of what I usually would find in my stocking. I’m sure it differs for other people). Don’t get me wrong here, the Starbucks Giftcard is a total winner. I love love love me a Chai Latte or a Caramel Frappacino. If you are looking to stuff your book nerds stocking with something a bit more special, here are some ideas for you.

Original Wooden Door Sign

  • This one might not squeeze into a smaller stocking, but I thought it was a really cool small gift idea. Perfect for the book nerd in your life. This one is from LittleBookishLtd shop on Etsy. I love this shop, it has a variety of signs as well as some great prints.



  •  Bookmarks! Really it’s the best bookish accessory a book nerd can get. These are a couple of my favorites that I have been gifted over the years. Some of them are from Etsy shops, and some are from Barnes and Noble. You can find bookmarks pretty much everywhere or you can make it even more special by doing a DIY bookmark.

Funko Pops


  •  Funko Pops or any other kind of figurine that has characters that represent a fandom that the book lover in your life belongs to are a great gift. You can find these collectibles just about anywhere these days.

Decorative Switchplates



  • Little decorative touches with quotes from your book nerds favorite books are a great stocking stuffer. This one is perfect for the HP fan in your life. You can find it at the DeeplyDapper shop on Etsy.


Bookish Jewelry


  • Bookish Jewelry make beautiful gifts for your lady book nerds. Who wouldn’t love to wear a miniature book charm of their favorite book or a bracelet or necklace with their favorite quote? I could post so many pictures of my favorite bookish jewelry shops on Etsy. That would make for an insanely long post so I’m going to post today’s favorite  which you can find at the TheEnchantedLocket shop on Etsy. I suggest you go on Etsy and just browse anything under bookish jewelry. You are sure to find something absolutely gorgeous that she will love.

Those are five bookish small gift/stocking stuffer ideas for you. Hopefully that helped if you were stumped on what to get for the book nerds in your life. I also want to say that the Etsy shops linked above did not sponsor this post in anyway. I just really love their work. I’ll posting a last minute bookish gift guide for things to put under the tree for the book nerds in your life this Friday.

Happy Holidays Book Nerds!

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