Book Review

Beyond the Veil (The Veil Series #1) by Pippa DaCosta

My Thoughts:

I love me some urban fantasy. It’s probably one of my favorite types of fiction to read and it is right up there with my love of horror and high fantasy. What can I say? This book nerd likes to escape reality and dive into other worlds, sometimes I like them to freak me out. So when The Veil series by Pippa DaCosta was recommended to me I logged into my audible account and downloaded it. Demons, assassins, and a kick ass half-demon female lead? Sign me up! I’m totally down for that. The first book, Beyond the Veil, follows Charlie Henderson aka Muse as she is attempting to hide from the demons in the mortal world among the humans. Then one day an assassin walks into her shop and pretty much all hell breaks loose. Muse is now being hunted and has to turn to her ex-boyfriend Akil, who also turns out to be the Prince of Greed, for protection. Things happen that I can’t really go into without…well spoilers so I won’t, and Muse is left trying to figure who she can trust. This first installment to the series is packed with action, danger, and some pretty complex characters.

Now the ratings for this book are pretty much all over the place and I get it. There are parts of this plot that are totally cringe worthy like the dreaded love triangle and yes the main character is not always likable. So I completely understand how some people would DNF or give this book a low rating. These things are a bit of a turn off, however I stuck through it. I’m glad that I did. Muse is a very complex character. One moment she’s strong and ready to kick ass. Then the next she shows her vulnerable side. She is clearly motivated by her need to survive. She does not want to get dragged back to the other world where she will be either killed or a slave to some higher level demon. She wants freedom and a chance to live a normal life. She wants to be happy and to be loved because she didn’t have that before. The ways that she acts and the decisions that she makes are true to her nature. I may not agree with some of them but they are authentic to her as a character given her backstory. That’s why I find her so fascinating.

As for the plot, I could do without the love triangle. It didn’t really add anything to the story and distracted from the rest of the story. The pacing of the story was pretty even throughout the book. This is definitely an action driven plot so it made for a very quick read. There were plenty of plot twists to keep me guessing right along with Muse as to who was trustworthy and who was out to get her. The tone or atmosphere is very dark which gives a consistent feel of danger and a heightened sense of suspense to the story. The tension just keeps building and leads the reader to an explosive climax of an ending.

All in all, this was a highly entertaining read. I think it is a solid start to the series and I look forward to diving back into DaCosta’s world in the future. I just have to get my hands on the rest of the series. The action is gripping, there’s so much suspense, and the plot is very dark and twisty.  If you like urban fantasy then you’ll want to try this series.

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