Monthly TBR/Wrap-up

Good-bye February | Hello March


Happy March book nerds! Can you believe the first two months of the year have come and gone already? It feels like we just finished bringing in the new year to me. So far 2018 has been a pretty stressful year. My reading seems to be the one thing I am on top of so far. Everything else is just a mess. I’m doing all I can just to keep myself from drowning under all the day to day crap. I’m not going to get into all the details about that but I will just say that I finally went back to my doctor to get help with my anxiety and depression.

Personal and work life aside I did manage to jump ahead on my reading schedule. As of this post I’m sitting at 29 books read so far this year which is way ahead of schedule. Of course that just means I’m super behind on posting book reviews again. Story of my life…seriously. I can’t seem to find a happy medium. Anyway enough of the rant session. Let’s go ahead and wrap up January and February so I can catch up on my wrap ups at least.


Books Read: 15

I participated in Bout of Books 21, #readyourfaceoff, and the 24-in-48 readathons.

DW 2019 Project Total: $26.00


Books Read: 14

I participated in ContemporaryAthon 2.0, ThrillerAthon, and ViewAthon. My wrap-up videos for all three challenges will be going up on the channel in the next week or so.

DW 2019 Project Total: $17.00

All my weekly wrap-ups can be found here:

Now let’s talk about my plans for March. There are so many great RATs scheduled for March that I had to be realistic with myself on what I could handle. I wish I could do them all, but time is kind of an issue. I posted a video with my reading plans for March, you can check that out here.

My #ThrowbackThursday read is not included in there of course. Is it an overly ambitious tbr? Well of course, sheesh you should know by now that I like to be an overachiever when it comes to building a tbr. This is why those monthly ones never really work out for me. Some of these books are actually pulled from my quarterly tbr project. If you have not already watched it you can catch my Spring tbr here.

I have a full video schedule planned out for March. I will be posting videos on the channel at least three times during the week. Many of them already pre-filmed and scheduled. Of course one of those videos will be my Winter TBR revisit.

In addition to the content coming out on my Booktube channel, I also have some plans for some posts here on the blog. I’m going to try and get in at least two posts a week and I already have some outlined in my bullet journal. I just need to get them prepped and scheduled here on the blog.

That’s it for my Jan/Feb wrap-up and March plans. Here’s to hoping March will be a better month than Jan/Feb were for me. Let me know down in the comments what your reading plans are for March. If you did a tbr post I’d love to check it out so please leave a link.

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!


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