30 Book Blogging Ideas


Hey book nerds! I’m going to try and work on posting at least once a week into my schedule. Life as per usual has been very hectic. All of my spare energy and time has been going into keeping up with my BookTube channel. However, I do miss blogging and I get so many ideas for posts all the time. I keep a running list of these in a spread every month in my bullet journal. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to create all these posts so I figured I’d post them here for anyone that is looking for some blogging inspiration. We are all run into ruts, especially me. Here is a list of book-related blog prompts to help out when our muses go silent.

Feel free to use any of these prompts, some are original ideas, and some are pretty generally used in the online book community. If you create a post with these prompts let me know in the comments section because I would love to check them out.

1. Things I wish I knew before I started my book blog/booktube channel
2. Things I learned not to do if the world is ending from dystopian books
3. 5 ways to expand your reading tastes
4. Things I discovered about myself as a reader/blogger during XXXX
5. Books that made me laugh/cry
6. Book and beverage pairings
7. Books I didn’t read in XXXX that I would like to read in XXXX
8. My favorite Horror/Romance/YA/etc books
9. The bookish podcasts I can’t get enough of lately
10. Shout out your fellow creators (bloggers/booktubers/bookstagramers/etc)
11. Review a book related app
12. Blogging tips (graphics editing, blogging platforms used, scheduling, etc)
13. Q & A (this is my personal favorite to read or watch)
14. A Day in the Life of a Blogger
15. Join a reading challenge and blog/vlog your experience
16. Favorite fiction friendships
17. Favorite fictional villains
18. Top 5 reasons why I think you should read XXXX
19. Top 5 reasons why I didn’t like XXXX book
20. Non-bookish things about me
21. Reading Bucket List
22. Create a playlist for your favorite book
23. X Books that changed my life
24. Favorite Book Quotes
25. What fictional character would you trade places with for a day and why
26. Reader Types
27. What would you like to change about your reading
28. Who are your go-to authors
29. Fictional world(s) I would like to visit and why
30. How I audiobook (When/Where/etc.)

I hope you find some inspiration from those thirty blogging ideas. Please let me know if you decide to use any of them because I would love to check out your posts.

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!


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