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Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger | Book Review


How did I get it? I borrowed this as an audiobook from my library via my Libby app.

Narrated by: Molly Pope.

What’s it about?

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger is the third installment in her suspense thriller The Hollows, Elisa Montgomery series. Finley Montgomery has been able to see into the future for as far back as she can remember. Finley’s premonitions manifest in the form of dreams and she can see beyond the physical world. Unfortunately, Finley still struggles with controlling her powers so she turns to her grandmother for guidance. Before she knows it, Finley finds herself in the middle of a dangerous investigation into the disappearance of a little girl. Time is running out and the pressure is on to find the missing girl before it is too late.

“There were 9,780 living souls populating The Hollows. There were good people and bad ones, people with secrets and dark appetites, happy people, and people buckling under the weight of grief and sorrow. There were people who were looking for things and loved ones they had lost, and people hiding. There were lost people, trying to find their way home. Each of them was connected to the others in ways that were obvious or as hidden as the abandoned mine tunnels beneath the ground. Each had his purpose and his place in The Hollows, whether he knew it or not. Everything here had its time and its season.”


This was a quick and easy read. I loved the storyline that centered around Finley and her journey of learning to figure her life out. I found her backstory to be very compelling. I really connected with her character. I wanted to love the actual mystery thriller plot just as much, but it was entirely too predictable for me to get sucked in. I also wish the epilogue had been left out, as I don’t think it really added anything substantial to the story.

Overall, there were parts that I really enjoyed and parts that I felt like needed a bit more development. I’m not sure if the fact that I started this series on the third book affected my reading experience. This has been my first time reading anything by this author as well. Keep that in mind if you are still on the fence about picking this one up. I think it had quite a bit of potential though so I’m going to try picking up the other books in the series to see how I like them.

Rating: 3 stars!

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!



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