Blogging Challenges

I’m Participating in #BlogAhead2018

Hey friends! I decided to participate in the October 2018 round of Blog Ahead. I wasn’t very successful last time around. I’m hoping I can manage to achieve the goal of scheduling 30 posts. I seem to lose steam about halfway through the challenge so I’m going to do an update on my weekly wrap up posts to hold myself accountable.

The posts I will be working on will be a combination of book reviews, and Blogmas posts. I’m also going to get some tags/memes up that I’ve been meaning to post and I want to bring back my Must Read Mondays feature. I really enjoy writing that series. That’s the general idea I have of the type of content I will be working on during this challenge. If there are any type of posts you’d like me to bring back on the blog or that you would like me to give a try please let me know down below in the comments.

Are you participating in Blog Ahead? If you are, do you have any suggestions on how to actually succeed at getting 30 posts scheduled? I’d love to know because I lose momentum about halfway through the challenge. I’d really love to get all 30 posts scheduled this round.

As always stay book nerdy & happy reading my friends 🙂




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