My Week In A Nutshell

My Week In A Nutshell 01/31/21

Hi friends! I hope you had a great week. I’m quite happy I survived the first month of 2021. Work was a bit hectic so I didn’t get a chance to put up much content here or on my YouTube channel. This last week was the busiest and I’m so glad to put it behind me. I’m hoping things will start to calm down a little bit in February so I can get back into my routine. At the moment I’m not sure what that routine will look like given that I’m still working from home. I just know I function best when I have one.

This week I finished two books so that brings my total books read for the month to four. Not bad considering I am still in a bit of a reading funk. I also watched way too much tv via the Discovery + app on my Roku. By that I mean I binged Ghost Adventures, still binging to be honest. I’m on season 20. I also started re-watching No Reservations. I’ve been re-watching older shows I enjoyed because the new stuff that is out on Netflix or Hulu are just not catching my interest at the moment.

Books Read:

I’ve been reading quite a bit of non-fiction lately and just switching it up a bit between True Crime and Bio/Memoirs. I had just finished a True Crime so I decided to pick up the Da Vinci book because it was the last biography I had on my shelf that I had not read yet. Parts of it were fascinating and I learned quite a bit about Da Vinci that I had not know before. However, there were so many sections that felt info dumpy and were full of name dropping that it dragged for me.

The Harry Potter book I read as part of a buddy read I am doing with my friend Johanna. We are doing a re-read of the entire series. This has to be one of my least favorite books in the series. I cannot stand Umbridge and I really can’t stand Harry in this book. His attitude, arrogance, and hotheadedness get on my nerves. I know I should consider he’s a hormonal teenager but I think he puts way too many people in danger with his rash decisions. Especially in the end, I can’t forgive him for it. It was totally his fault.

Books Currently Reading:

Maggie Finds Her Muse is a NetGally ARC that I received in exhange for a honest review. It comes out on April 20th 2021 by St. Martin’s Griffin. This romantic comedy is set in Paris which is what initially caught my eye. I’ve always wanted to visit there and thought that for now it would be fun to visit via a book. I’m currently 32% of the way through the eBook and I’m hoping to finish it in the coming week. Keep an eye out for the book review that will go up closer to the publication date.

This week on my YouTube channel:

That’s it for this week’s My Week In A Nutshell. Have you read any of the books I featured in today’s post? Do you have any TV shows or movies you can recommend for me to add to my watchlist? Just please not Bridgerton, that’s so not my jam. 

Take care and I’ll chat with you all in the comments!

Lots of love,

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