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TBR Knockout | 2022

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share that I’ll be participating the in TBR Knockout challenge hosted by Completely Melanie on Booktube. I’m going to pick the books I’ll be using to complete the prompts every month instead of setting a TBR for the whole year.

That said I forgot to include the information in my January TBR so I’m going to share it here with you. If you’d like to check out the books I have planned for January, check out the video below.

Back to the prompts for TBR Knockout! The two prompts for January are:

  1. Read a book that you meant to read last year or finish reading a book that you started last year
  2. Read the 1st book in a series

Books I picked for the January prompts are:

There Will Come A Darkness by Katy Rose Pool is the first book in The Age of Darkness series. I’ve had this one on my shelves since it was first released. I’ve completely forgotten what the book is about but I do remember that I was really excited to read it when it first came out. Have you read this one yet?

I started Jade City by Fonda Lee today and there is no way I’m going to finish it before the end of the day so I’m picking that for the 1st prompt. I’m reading this as part of the Green Bone Saga-a-long hosted by MelReads on Booktube. I keep seeing people talk about this trilogy all over the bookish interwebs. I am so glad that MelReads decided to do a read-a-long because I don’t think I would have tried to tackle this one on my own. The books are massive and intimidating to me.

That’s it for my picks for the TBR Knockout challenge in January. I really hope I can manage to finish these two books before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Will you be participating in the TBR Knockout challenge? Do you have a TBR set for it? Let me know down below in the comments.

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!

Lots of love,

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