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Winterween TBR

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing my TBR for Winterween. Winterween is a weeklong readathon hosted by Oliviareadsalatte and Gabbyreads on Booktube. It will run from 01/03 – 01/09. If you’d like more info. click on the links to their channels above.

There are five prompts and thankfully I can double up on them because I don’t think I can read five books in one week along with the rest of my January TBR. I want to participate though because I love me some spooky reads. Here are the prompts for this round:

1. read a book in the dark (or at night)

2. read a book with a winter setting

3. read a book with snow on the cover

4. read a novella

5. read a book that gives you thrills and chills

I have picked the following three books. Fingers crossed I can manage to read them all before the end of the week.

I received a review copy of Hide by Kiersten White from the publisher via NetGalley. This adult thriller follows Mack as she joins a challenge to spend a week hiding in an abandoned amusement park. The prize is enough money to change her life. All she has to do is hide. She quickly realizes that the stakes in the competition were higher than she thought as the other competitors start disappearing one by one. Yes, please! I need to read this ASAP. The publication date is May 24th and I’m so happy I was approved to read this for review so I don’t have to wait. I will be reading this one for prompt #5.

Winterfrost is a middle-grade Christmas story set in the Danish countryside. This follows Bettina and her family during the holidays. During the confusion of running a family and farm during the hectic holidays, her family forgets to leave a bowl of rice pudding for the tiny nisse that looks after the family and their livestock. Then baby Pia disappears during her nap. To find her sister, Bettina must go on an adventure in the land of the nisse. I’m expecting this to be magical and adventurous. I’ll be reading this one for prompts #2 and #4. So technically this is not a novella but it is less than 300 pages so I’m just going to count it. I don’t have any novellas on my Kindle or on my shelves and I’m not looking to add anything to my TBR at the moment.

That leaves prompts #1 and #3. To complete these prompts I will be reading Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell. I added this one to my Kindle after seeing Gabby talk about it on her channel. This is a horror novel about a romantic getaway set in a remote cabin that goes terribly wrong. I’m hoping that this book will have me sleeping with the lights. It’s been a bit since a book has done that to me.

That’s it for my TBR for Winterween. Will you be participating this week? If you are and have posted a TBR leave me a link so I can check it out.

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!

Lots of love,

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