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Fablen 2022 Reading Challenge & January TBR

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share that I’ll be taking part in a year-long TBR game called Fablen. Fablen is hosted by The WordN3rd on Youtube. If you are interested in finding out more you can click on the channel name above. The announcement video covers all the rules of the game and how to create your character.

I created my character using a virtual dice roller and a name generator. My character’s name is Nedara Nightstar. She is a halfling thief that has a cat companion named Jinx. Her weapons of choice are daggers and her magical ability level is Prodigy. Also, her alliance is neutrally evil. I prefer to think she’s just misunderstood and moves to the beat of her own drum.

Based on my character I have to complete the following every month for this challenge.

  1. Read an MG/YA
  2. 1 book has to be a sequel
  3. 1 book has to be 150+ pages
  4. I have to complete 3 quests ( a list of quests were provided and I have to roll the dice to find out what 3 quests have been picked randomly for me)

That said here are my quests for January and the books I have picked to fulfill all these challenges for January.

  1. Quest #5 Brief History of Fablen – Read a book with fantasy elements
  2. Quest #14 Edible Plants of Fablen – Read a book with an outdoorsy character
  3. Quest #13 10 Tips for Not Getting Killed – Read a book with a MC who is a fighter

I will be posting a wrap-up at the end of the month letting you know which books/quests I was able to complete. Hopefully, I will get to all of them so I don’t have to deal with any penalties for next month.

Let’s chat down below. Are you participating in Fablen? If so did you post a TBR? I’d love to check it out so please leave me a link in the comments.

As always keep on reading and stay book nerdy my friends!

Lots of love,

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